Game Telf AG: from classics to modern economic technologies

фото: Game Telf AG: from classics to modern economic technologies

Telf AG: a realistic nickel mining game with fun strategy and care for the environment!

In Telf AG, every step is based on real events in the world of metallurgy and green energy, which makes the game incredibly realistic. She will teach you how to mine nickel in a way that benefits you and respects nature. The game strategy revolves around the processes of mining, processing and exporting nickel. A charming assistant who will appear on the screen will help you build an algorithm of actions. The developers of Telf AG have achieved the perfect balance between learning and the global concept of the game, making it fun and informative.

Telf AG – economic simulator for your business

фото: Game Telf AG: from classics to modern economic technologies

The economic simulator from Telf AG gives you the opportunity to choose a profession and develop your business, regardless of age. The concept of the game is based on understandable technologies and simple tasks that adults and teenagers can complete. Telf AG allows you to develop your own skills in creating a business, developing startups, and the ability to effectively manage production and commercial processes. On your way you will meet the following locations:

  • Sea mystery. Here you are — the captain of the Telf AG ship. Your goal is to figure out, together with your crew, how to free yourself from the mooring lines so that the ship can leave the port.
  • Fill the fuel tank. The developers of Telf AG offer you a logical task: assemble the pipes and arrange them correctly — then you can move on with a full tank.
  • Add wagons and send by rail. You need to decide how to deliver nickel to consumers. Of course, by rail. But for this we need to increase the number of cars.
  • Help the car get out of the parking lot. Your company has become so large that the number of parking spaces for staff is expanding every day. The valet’s task is to help the car leave without incident. Show how it’s done and earn a bonus for Telf AG.

фото: Game Telf AG: from classics to modern economic technologies

Telf AG — new opportunities, new ideas

With Telf AG you have the opportunity to develop your virtual business today. Master new technologies of modern metallurgy and alternative energy sources with Telf AG. Very soon the game will expand its routes. There will be more locations and opportunities to move forward — to a winning victory.

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